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Shopify Website | The House of Espoir

Brand new e-commerce site for a jewellery brand based in Dubai. We've introduced the brand "The House Of Espoir", and its look and feel

We delivered

Using Shopify, we created the brand's e-commerce outlet.


House of Espoir is an effort to present the design-led products to its customers. House of Espoir is a luxury, ethnic and designer wear brand primarily committed in designing jewelry for women which best reflect the modern trends. Our objective was to present the collection in a very simple way so as to help the customers find their desired accessories in an easy manner.


The goal is to make a minimal website where users can efficiently navigate and get to the content that they want. It's about prioritizing the most important content, it's about removing any distraction, keeping any visual hierarchy clear, and keeping consistency in any patterns that we use throughout..


We have been pushing ecommerce boundaries to empower our customers and improve their shopping experience. This time, we have applied our extensive front-end skills – and working closely with the ecommerce team – to bring you a new and improved user experience. The development includes some cool features to capture all audiences like personalization, where customers can create a personalized product with available options

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