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Poster Design For Tourette's Syndrome Awareness

Postcard and poster design and distribution around London city to spread awareness about Tourette's Syndrome.

The Brief

Creative Poster designed and distributed to spread awareness about the Tourette Syndrome

One of our oldest clients who has Tourettes Syndrome was constantly having to explain her tics to strangers, especially during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic of 19. When she had insults hurled a few times on the London transport network, she asked us to make cards she could hand out to those nervous around her. She hoped this would save confrontations, unnecessary talk and convey the awareness of the Syndrome she has lived with her whole life. She has given out more than 100 cards and has been extremely happy with this simple yet effective way of raising awareness for the safety of those with Tourette's Syndrome.

The Result

We designed postcard to distribute around the city to spread awareness about the syndrome, also stick posters at various places.


Vibrant coloured design to look the card funkier and eye-grabbing. This design also explained the syndrome with symptoms and how to act with the patients. The design is creative as we have pop art in the card which is not seen much in the industries.‍

Creative poster design for Tourette's Syndrome Awareness
Creative poster design for Tourette's Syndrome Awareness