G-band Case study

How we got an 89% increase in ROI for G-Band through Facebook ads in fifteen days.

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Project Introduction

The implementing lockdown stopped Greenvolt Mobility from manufacturing electric bikes. Hence, they thought of investing their time and money in making something which makes hand sanitization frequent, convenient, and most importantly a habit.

Greenvolt Mobility launched its very first product G-band under the Abhay brand name with a mission to promote hygiene.

We were thrilled initially when they came up with the concept of a hand sanitiser band and thought it was stupid. But, as Michel Gondry said, "Every great idea is on the verge of being stupid." We decided to get associated with them.

About the campaign

From the customer's point of view, we gave them what they were looking forward to having. We showcased pictures of the product's worth to them if they purchased it. For G-band, we're able to drive leads from people that have shown an interest in hygiene, cleanliness, and safety. These are the exact people that team GV wants as a customer because hygiene is their priority.

We finally drove through a perfect channel to reach people with this valuable asset. One of the helpful features of Facebook, the ads manager, allowed us to choose a custom audience and put our ad in front of the right people.


We used FB targeting to put our Ad in front of a specific group of people (i.e., engaged shoppers, hygiene lovers, shows interest in innovation, etc.,) for getting engagement and enriching visibility. When this group of people scrolled through their FB and Instagram news feed, they could watch this ad. Once they click on the ad, then they are redirected to the Amazon product link to get more details and make a purchase. We designed five different Ad creatives for one carousel ad.

With the progress in time, there was more revenue generation. The campaign became an impressive revenue driver for which we are grateful for the well-executed and effective utilization of social media. What's more, since the campaign first launched, the average conversion rate from amazon has been 37% organically.
Team Greenvolt was delighted with the outcome of the campaign and the results achieved.

In 15 days (15th august to 30th august), we saw a significant rise in the number of sales.

1.5 M+ Impressions | 27k+ Website Visits | 6.1L+ Reach